Wand Box: More Than a Container

October 26, 2019

What’s almost as good as a wand? Having somewhere awesome to store it. Even better, display it! Wanting to create a wand box that would serve both was a fun task in learning about measurements and supports.

The result is a styled wand box that serves as a container that has interchangeable panels that slide in and out of the box to convert the container from storage to display!

A clear acrylic top with stylized filigree slides in and out of the top. You can see the bottom panel that had 2 braces to hold the wand. Slide out the top and bottom panel to swap them to convert this wand box.

The wand box is stylized with a painted acrylic panel and accent color with vinyl wood inlay. Engravings are added for depth and personalization.

Personally I am not Hufflepuff…

I made ~dis’!