Seeing Energy Around Us

September 7, 2015

Chakra Energy SwirlIt is often very difficult to describe what it looks like to watch the energy moving around us. How it ebbs and flows and adjusts around what else is near it. Having a distinct energetic field of it’s own as it interacts. Energy fields of things beyond our sight. Energy of things IN our sight. Everyone has the ability to sense energy, if not for seeing it. I suppose I should just start with, “What IS energy?”

You’ve heard it all before, the chi, life force, qi, auras, etc. That’s all well in good to give “energy” another adjective without explaining energy at all. So let me steal all the magic from energy and show you how really amazing and close we truly are to understanding “energy”.

Yes, energy is in constant motion and yes, it is everywhere. Yet, we can’t seem to measure it, at least not very well. We are on the right track in using voltage meters to determine the energy around us. Our own gravitational and electromagnetic fields are in constant around us. We have the ability to control these fields, even if so minor. Control these fields? How?

We charge them with what we interpret as emotions. What does that mean? Follow me on this: Emotions are highly misunderstood despite being studied for decades. We have entire professions built around managing the damned things. Emotions are so often misunderstood we teach ourselves to deny the very appearance of them if they are not of ease for everyone.  Suppressing many natural “programs” instead of writing them to be useful.

So, I want you to think of emotions as a small program that starts to run when you feel. Being curious, runs a program of seeking and desire to understand. Being angry, runs a program of defense, attack, frustration. Being in love! What a doozy of a program?! Everyone’s emotional programs are written different. Some are similar some contrast greatly! Now with that in mind.

These small emotional coded programs that get imprinted in the energy field around us. Just like when you submit a code to your computer. Some programs are coded with cloaking and misdirection, think of someone trying to hide a secret. Some codes are more easily read, think laughter. Sometimes we can even amplify our code, think of being very excited. Some code is so inherent we cannot deny it’s program once it’s come up. Think of falling in love.

Now I know this is a bit of stretch to think about the mysticism of energy as simple as electrical impulses in a field around everyone, everything actually (I’ll get into that in another post). Sounds pretty cold and systematic. That’s only because we relate computing and programs as very dead things instead of living. (Maybe that’s why our coding hasn’t really advanced in years.)

It really is quite beautiful to look at it this way cause it allows us a viable interface in which to help change ourselves, our attitudes, our lives even. Our react ability increases if we understand what we are programming in our energy. We change our impressions by adjusting what we want to run. The whole, “Fake it, till you make it”.

Now the best part about seeing it this way; anyone can have the ability to learn and interpret in this manner because it is so relate-able and not wishy washy as “watching the wavy colour of lights dancing majestically around the chakra centers of so-and-so depicting an desire and anticipation for something new”.

Gary reading the electronic waves in the air.

Gary reading the electronic waves in the air.

The best thing I’ve ever seen that could help you visualize it: Think Gary Bell in Alphas. He can read electromagnetic wavelengths with mind power alone. Hacking into cellphone signals, television broadcasts, and Wi-Fi frequencies without any hardware is his specialty.

Reading energy is not far off from this visualization. Now keep in mind, it is not the only way but one that I find most effective in understand what you are actually looking at.

If you want to try something fun: Play your favourite song and think of how the sound waves are moving. Then I want you to think about how the music can affect your feelings. Think of other songs that affect your emotions in this way. If you want to be extra crazy, start seeing your energy move with the music, ebbing and flowing with the sound waves. Bliss!

Happy programming!