Other Living Energy Around Us

September 21, 2015

energy cloudsIt moves around us constantly. We live in it, we are of it, we are everything with it. The energy is apart of everything and in everything and of everything.  It aids and guides, deters and moves, sits and explodes; energy is living. Energy is a very limiting word to describe it.

As explained earlier in “Seeing Energy Around Us” , energy is akin to the electromagnetic and gravitational field surrounding us that gets imprinted with our emotional programs. As a short description of course. I will refer to it as the energy field.

So how does this energy translate to other living things let alone inanimate objects?


It is easier to see how other living objects can also have their own energy field. Let’s look at your pet dog for example. Having their energy is often very soothing and comforting for a lot of people. Dogs in general are soothing creatures, they are pack animals. Their emotional programs are not as complex or more to say they have fewer programs running at once. This makes them very easy and approachable and keeps their energy levels from spiking.

When a dog gets nervous and barks or is very excited and starts jumping around, think about how you react. How is their emotional programming imprinting on you. Do you get nervous and start seeking for whats out there when you hear barking? Is it a different reaction when a dog barks for different reasons? When a dog is very excited do you find yourself getting excited as well?

Another observation is in cats. Cats are often described as aloof and nonchalant. Having had many cats at points in my life I can safely say they are, depending on who you are to them. Cats are a great example of cloaked energy. Many people feel unable to connect with kitties as opposed with dogs. Cats have more complex emotional programs running at one point in time.

They are being observant of their environment, ever the hunter as well as being alert to slight nuances filtering out what they don’t need to hear, see and feel. However ask any cat owner and they will give you the same reactions as would a dog owner. Cats feel safe with certain people and those myriad of complex programs get simplified down.

Think of seeing a strange cat, how do you approach it? Do you even approach it? Do you try to coo it in? Pay attention to how you respond to the cat.  Are you crouched, are you baby talking, do you give it space?  If you are a cat owner, think of your own kitty. Does it come see you when you get home? Does it like to cuddle with you? Can you tell when they are annoyed? Cats are very good at communicating what they want.

As a reversal, you can try imprinting your emotional program on your own pet. Send your dog or your cat, even your bird of fish or whatever creature you are loving, different emotional programs. Think about feeling loved, what it is to feel loved, or think of being excited and express that emotional program. Dogs are probably the best as accepting the emotional programs of others being a pack animal. I have even tried this with my own fish and have had success. Fish… yes, really, fish. ><//*> .oO

sleepytreesHow about something less animated? Let’s look at a tree. It has presence. As an experiment I want you to find a tree or a plant if you’re in a concrete jungle. Really look at it. Trees don’t necessarily have very many emotional programs running. Well that is to say their emotional programs are very simple. They kind of just are. They are steady, constantly in motion. How is a tree constantly in motion?

It is always growing, moving, doing something. Even when it’s winter they are still being, just a bit slower. Think of what a “winter” tree feels like. Is it sleepy? Is it cold?

Think of what it feels like to see bright green trees? How do you feel when you see them? Are you you happy? Are you reaching to the sun? Do you feel brighter?

Kirlian photography has been used on plants to experiment with their energy fields. If you are not familiar with Kirlian photography please read this article: Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photo Leaf 2What the experiment entailed was taking these photographs of leaves that were torn moments before. Why tear them, why not just take a photo? Well, think of phantom limb syndrome. Often people who lose limbs or other parts of their body will still feel that body part there. This because the mind and the energy field is still existing around it. It is easy to take a photo of a whole leaf and show it’s field but to show it’s field after it has been damaged demonstrates it’s energy field being intact despite the damage. Granted with a more limited mental capacity the perpetuating belief that the missing piece is still there also dissipates more quickly over time.

We could always just ask the plant but we are only learning to understand them now.   Only recently was it discovered that plants have distress signals. If you want to read more on that go here: Plants Send SOS

TreesAs an experiment with plants. Take a moment when you are feeling anxious, rushed or even depressed.  Go find a tree and touch it. Yes, touch the tree. Not poke it, not prod it, but really touch it and hold your hand against it. Let yourself be in the energy of the tree. Let the trees emotional program imprint on your energy. Do you feel calmer? Do you feel at ease? Think about how it is affecting you. If you can’t seem to find yourself outside or with a tree, look at a photo or even draw your own.

So how does all this translate into seeing energy? The same as you would see it around people. However, we must tap into our own intuition and ask what am I am feeling as I experience this and is this feeling my own or am I feeling this of another object? It is very much the same as seeing energy around us.