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Guided Meditations

Crystal Bowl Group Meditation

Kaleia channels divine healing energies while playing seven different crystal bowls, which are specifically energetically attuned to each of your seven major chakras. You are gently guided through her channeled meditation to clear, cleanse and balance each chakra using color, light and sound vibrations. Deep relaxation, inner peace, calmness, a heightened sense of awareness, intuition and even deeper connection to your Spiritual Guides are all possible benefits of these crystal bowl meditation sessions.

Past Life Regression Group Meditation

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kaleia leads you on a deeply relaxing guided mediation to help retrieve vital information from a past lives. This personal knowledge is held deep within your subconscious mind and is easily available to you. You will be able to integrate this information into your life for greater balance, self-understanding, and joy.

For all group meditations, it is recommended you bring a sleeping bag/yoga mat and a pillow or two to lay down upon. If you're some one who gets cold easily or know that you'll be going threw a lot of energy shifts, it might also be a good idea to bring a light blanket or sheet to cover yourself with. Wear loose fitting clothes, anything you can be comfortable in and relax.

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