Elemental Protection

Elemental Protection Ritual/4 Corners

candlesThis ritual is a little involved. In this ritual you may use candles or objects to represent the elements.  We will be calling the elemental guardians and honoring them as we request their protection. This ritual may also be used in request of manifestation.

Note: People’s interpretations, tools, and directions may vary depending on their elemental orientation. I encourage you to try them and see what works for you, adjust accordingly. The following has been my creed since I started energy work.

You can use one or more of the following:

North – Air: incense, an empty bowl, white or yellow candle
East – Fire: athame, any candle (if you are doing a candle ritual use a red or orange candle)
South – Earth: pentagram, dirt, flowers, rocks, brown or green candle
West – Water: chalice, bowl of water, seashell or blue candle

Lay your elements in their corresponding direction forming a circle. You do not have to be inside the circle. Keep in mind if you are doing a candle ritual and choose to be inside the circle, do not wear flammable clothing and provide enough space to do your work.

Draw a circle with your mind’s eye, starting at the element you are most comfortable with. Often, this is our sun sign element. You may feel more attuned to your rising sign; use the one you relate with best.  Completely draw the circle clockwise from that starting position; if you have a power symbol that you use, you may also include it. The use of a wand or pointing your finger as you draw the circle can assist in channeling additional energy into your wok.

Once the circle is complete your space is protected for your work. Honor each direction and ask what to each of them, what you wish of them: Even if it is the same thing.

(Facing South) I honor the earth guardian and ask for its protection. It’s unwavering strength to be wrapped around me.
(Facing West) I honor the water guardian and ask for its ability to remove any negative energy that may find their way into my space; with swiftness and clarity.
(Facing North) I honor the air guardian and ask for its winds of protection to encompass me. Ever alert and ever ready for all that comes my way.
(Facing East) I honor the fire guardian and ask for its power to vanquish all who may oppose me with ill intent. To stand guard as a warning to negative energy that there is consequences for entering my space.

cloakOnce you have honored each of the directions return to your original starting space. Take some time to meditate over all what you wish the universe to deliver. When you are done, be sure to thank each elemental guarding for attending and release them to do their work. And so it is.

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